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Gift Ideas for that Someone who has Everything

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We all have that person (or two) in our life who just leaves you scratching your head trying to work out the perfect gift. It could be that they seem to already have everything, or perhaps their unique style means that a run-of-the-mill gift just won’t cut it. Our team have been on a mission to find some fabulous ideas for this person and here are their top picks.

Disclaimer: This article does not, at the time of writing, contain affiliate links. There are links to businesses and craftspeople who we think are awesome, and any images of their products remain copyright to them.

  • Keep it small
image credit: Tiny Pots Melbourne

If ‘they already have everything’ is your number one refrain when this person comes to mind, then it is likely that they will not appreciate unwrapping a bulky present on their special day. When selecting a gift, take into consideration how much space it will take up and if they have room to display or store it. Tiny Pots Melbourne handcraft exquisite decorative pottery – on a micro scale. From vases of all shapes and sizes, ceramic jars complete with fitted lids, through to miniature tea sets small enough for the tiniest of mice to have tea. You can check out their latest collections here.

  • Flowers (no, not a plant!)
image credit: Instagram @petrinablooms

As beautiful as it is to give a gift that (we hope) will give years of enjoyment, if space is a consideration then a plant can become a burden. Similarly, if your loved one is time poor, the care needed for a plant may be outside their capabilities.

A bunch of fresh, colourful flowers can lift any mood. Bringing that bit of outdoors in, but without the hassle of long term care. Most florists can supply arrangements in a box or vase, so there is no need to stress if your recipient has a suitable vase at home.

Not sure what style of flowers to get? A good tip is to think about what they wear. Bright colours and lots of accessories? A showy, unstructured bunch based around colourful gerberas or Asiatic lilies  would be a likely hit. Sleek outfits with minimal fuss? Perhaps a Japanese inspired Ikebana arrangement. Classic style = classic flowers, roses, lilies or peonies will be sure to bring a smile.

  • Advice in a box
Tell it to Me Straight Oracle Card Deck by The Myriad Life

We all have times where we are struggling to find mental clarity on an issue in our life. Perhaps thinking yourself around in circles. Oracle cards can be a great way to get in touch with your inner wisdom. The ‘Tell it to me Straight’ cards are an oracle deck with a difference. This set aren’t your typical faeries and woo-woo oracle cards (but if they are into that, there are heaps of beautiful options out there too!). Instead, they offer advice in a straight up – at times quite blunt – way. Sometimes the truth is right in front of us and this set of Oracle Cards are a great way to see it! They can be ordered right here for delivery to your door.

  • Mindfully handmade
image credit: Buttonnes by Emma Brown

Age old handcrafts are being used in all sorts of ways as artisans start to discover new ways to repurpose waste into beautiful handicrafts. One such craftsperson is Emma Brown with her business Buttonnes. She creates a range of stunning, creative and original jewelry using repurposed old buttons. Each piece is a guaranteed conversation starter as well as beautiful statement piece.

  • Quirky creativity
image credit: Darby Hudson

Creativity blooms in every direction and many creatives cannot contain themselves to just one medium. Poetry is a timeless artform for expression, but not everyone has time to read. Decorated art poems are a fabulous combination of words and imagery that can inspire and provoke thought, inspire and bring life to a home.

  • Something they may not know exists
image credit: Lifesystems

A great example, and one that keeps it small, would be a rechargeable hand warmer such as this one by Lifesystems, which also doubles as a powerbank.

Great for those who like to explore outdoors whatever the weather, to keep the chill away while waiting for your train each winter morning or if they just get cold hands.

If they have the opposite problem, a cooling neck towel could do the trick. Whether its due to hot flushes or living somewhere hot and humid, with just a splash of water these towels will leave your friend feeling instantly cooler

  • A multi-tool pen
image credit:

These compact little gadgets means you will never be without a screwdriver, ruler, spirit level or – of course – a pen again. If its to open a toy to replace the batteries or check that a picture is hanging straight, your friend will probably be able to find a use for this one all the time.

  • Donate on their behalf (but make it personal)
image credit:

For someone who has done it all and really does have everything that opens and shuts, gifting a charity on their behalf can be a wonderful option. But it is still important to remember that gift giving is about them and not you. While you may know that the downhill ski team at your child’s school really need to fundraise for a new equipment trailer, this is possibly not a cause high on your loved one’s priority list. Think about what is important to them, what do they discuss passionately or is there something that has impacted them during their life. There could even be a cause they are already involved with, who they would love to support even more.

  • Home sketch or pet portrait
image credit: Michelle Sturrock Art @michellesturrockart

Many artists specialise in creating commission (to order) paintings or drawings of people’s beloved pets. These make a thoughtful gift and can usually be created using a quality photograph of the animal. Some artists can even combine several animals (alive or now passed) into the one portrait.

If your friend isn’t a pet owner, then perhaps they would love a momento of their home. Ranging from cute and quirky, to detailed and elegant, artists can create a beautiful, unique keepsake.

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